BVCA President's Message

Howdy Bennett Valley! 


Wow is it really 2024!? Sounds futuristic to me. Your BVCA Board is already running fast with a busy and exciting agenda. We hope you’ll please consider supporting our efforts to continue protecting our beautiful Valley from unwanted commercial developments, representing your interests with our County officials and fostering Bennett Valley community engagement to accomplish all of this.


I’d like to request a few things from all Bennett Valley residents this year to help us in our efforts. Please consider:


1) Donating - we can only accomplish our mission with your annual support. See the new Conservancy fund, 100% tax deductible, which will do the hard and important work to protect our valley Find details below in this newsletter. 

Donate to the BVCA Conservancy Fund


2) Participating on a BVCA committee - Our motto is have fun!  Enjoy getting to know your community better and follow your passion. Committee opportunities include: BVCA Nature Talk series, Emergency Preparedness & Wildfire Safety, Voice Contributing Editors/Communications, Water Resources, Gardening, etc. You can devote a few hours a year writing a Voice article or more hours leading any issue of community interest - please contact me anytime to discuss, I always enjoy meeting new neighbors and answering any questions: or 415-367-5957

3) Becoming a Member of the BVCA Board. We have a seven member board this year as three member’s terms expired January 1st and Matthew Davis joined as our new Treasurer. Craig Harrison retired after 18 years (!), although we’re not letting him off that easy. Craig is still serving in advisory capacity as Chair of our new Conservancy Fund. We plan to return to nine members by 2025 so we have full representation from across Bennett Valley. Please contact me anytime to discuss opportunities to join our board.


It’s an honor to serve our community as the President of our BVCA. I hope to meet you at one of our in-person board meetings at the Grange or our annual picnic later this year.


Thank you,


Moira Jacobs 


Bennett Valley Community Association