New Board for the New Year

Moira Jacobs, President

The BVCA has a new Board for the New Year. I humbly take the reins as your President from Robert Stephens who did an outstanding job the past three years Robert will continue on the board and has kindly agreed to help out as our technology advisor. The 2023 Board also includes new member Bill Sirvatka from Bennett Ridge, filling Jamie Burkart’s spot as he finished his term, and Chris Gralapp from Sonoma Mountain Road area, who was elected Vice President.

We are blessed with a board comprised of incredibly talented neighbors with vast experience and knowledge, a very strong team. I heartily thank everyone for their past and current service.

My husband and I moved here in 2014 from the Peninsula. We made many trips to Sonoma and Marin Counties starting in 1992. Healdsburg, Point Reyes Seashore and Bodega Bay were among our favorite spots for hiking, cycling, canoeing and horseback riding. Fast forward over thirty years and careers in Silicon Valley, we’re very happy to make our home in Bennett Valley. For years we had searched for a quieter and more peaceful lifestyle in Sonoma County. When we saw this area for the first time, we immediately fell in love with the rolling hills, horse farms, vineyards and natural beauty.

I’m passionate about keeping Bennett Valley beautiful, safe and peaceful. I’m delighted to serve my community and look forward to achieving great things together for our jewel of a valley. Creating a renewed focus on protecting and strengthening the Bennett Valley Area Plan (BVAP), which is our core mission, is my top priority. This includes the initiation of a new project called the Bennett Valley Conservancy with a mission to preserve and protect the open spaces, natural habitats and agricultural lands of Bennett Valley for decades to come. Stay tuned for a more detailed article about the Bennett Valley Conservancy project and how you can get involved in this exciting new program in the next Voice.

In parallel, the entire board is committed to serve the various pressing interests of our community, including reliable power, emergency preparedness, water resources, traffic and more. We’ll be working on all of these issues actively and welcome all new ideas for all residents’ concerns where BVCA can assist. Please contact me or any board member if you’re interested in becoming involved with any of these project areas or just to provide your input.

It’s no accident Bennett Valley was spared the haphazard and sprawling developments in other areas. We can thank the good work of residents in the 1970s who pushed through the BVAP and the creation of the BVCA. Now it’s our turn to ensure the BVAP protects Bennett Valley for another 50 years. Learn more about the BVAP here.

The current BVCA board is now comprised of the following nine members: Moira Jacobs (President), Chris Gralapp (Vice President), Gary Barner (Secretary), Rebecca Casciani (Treasurer), Nate Belden, Jennifer Beer, Craig Harrison (past President), Bill Sirvatka and Robert Stephens (immediate past President).